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Technology Questions for Software Vendors
A listing of approved software.
On June 15, 2022, the Microsoft Edge browser will replace Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows computers. This article explains that and provides links to resources and a method to report IE-dependent sites that don't function in Edge
Microsoft Office 365 is available for UCO students at no cost
How to Purchase in the Microsoft Office Home Use Program for Faculty and Staff
Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of Adobe products at UCO.
UCO employees using a windows-based computer can easily download and install a variety of available software using the windows software center. This guide will walk users through the process for finding and installing programs in this manner.
Outlines the differences between EULAs, ToU agreements, and T&Cs. EULAs, ToU agreements, and T&Cs. All are legal agreements that outline the terms and conditions under which a user is allowed to use a product or service.