Students: Get Microsoft Office 365 - Free

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is available for UCO students at no cost thanks to a campus agreement program facilitated by the Office of Information Technology. UCO students can download and install, free or use online.

Note: If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office on your computer, you should uninstall that before following these steps.

How to Get Microsoft Office 365

  1. To keep your free license activated, you need to launch at least one Office application (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.) at least once every 30 days on each device.

    To install Microsoft Office applications on up to five laptop or desktop computers:

    Go to and enter your UCO email address

  1. Instead of entering your password, you will be taken to the UCO Microsoft login page.

  1. Enter your UCONNECT Password and click Sign in.

  2. Click Install Office or use the online applications..

An installer will be downloaded onto your computer. Click Run to install the Office applications.

Once installed, your copy of Office will remain active as long as you maintain your status as a student. Once you graduate or leave the university, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying for a license directly from Microsoft.

Keep Your License Active

Each day, or each time the user logs on to their computer, the computer connects to the Activation and Validation Service to verify the license status and extend the product key. As long as the computer can connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days, Office remains fully functional. If the computer goes offline for more than 30 days, Office enters reduced functionality mode (see below) until the next time a connection can be made.

What is Reduced Functionality Mode?

In reduced functionality mode, Office 365 remains installed on the computer, but users can only view and print their documents. All features for editing or creating new documents are disabled. To reactivate your license, click Sign In, then sign in using your UCO email address and UCONNECT password.


Who is eligible?

  • Currently enrolled students.

How long can I use Microsoft Office 365?

  • One year after graduation or last date of enrollment at UCO your Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus access will expire. At expiration, online services associated with your UCO account, for example Office Online and OneDrive, will no longer work. At that time, Office applications installed on devices will enter a reduced-functionality mode, which means documents can be viewed but you cannot edit or create new ones. It is recommended to have all documents moved from OneDrive prior to the end of that year to avoid any data loss. 

How many computers and devices can I install Office on?

  • You may install the Office software on up to five computers, five tablets and five mobile phones.

I'm having trouble installing Office, where can I get help?

  • If you’re experiencing issues trying to install Office on your PC or Mac, see Troubleshoot Office installation with Office 365 for business.

How does one transfer files between one’s own Microsoft OneDrive accounts? (high school account, UCO account, personal account) ?

  • At this point, this is a manual process. Microsoft may provide additional tools of features in the future.

I'm having trouble with activation.

  • UCO Service Desk cannot help with activation.
  • Call Microsoft:
    • If you are having problems please call Microsoft at: 1-800-642-7676 or 1-800-865-9408
    • Select Home User and follow the prompts for Office Install help
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