Microsoft Home Use Program for Faculty/Staff

The Microsoft Home Use Program offers a 30% discount on Office 365 Home or Personal annual subscriptions. This subscription includes premium versions of the Office apps across all your devices, monthly exclusive features, updates, and 1TB of cloud storage per use. 

This Office 365 account would not be associated with your UCO account, which is a good option if you want to keep your UCO documents and information separate from your personal information.  Be aware that you will lose access to your UCO Office 365 account if you leave employment with the university. 

NOTE: As of July, 2019, Microsoft discontinued the ability to download a physical copy of Office (a perpetual license) as a part of the HUP (Home Use Program).  The license model is now subscription-only.


1.  Log in into the Central Tech Store and click on STORE SERVICES -> UCO Software Downloads as in the screen shot below.


2.  Click on link

3.  Enter your UCO email address and click get started.

4.  Microsoft will send an email to your UCO email address and you will need to click the link "Login to start saving".

5. Sign in with your personal Microsoft account.  If you do not have a personal Microsoft account you can create one on the same screen. 

6.  Once logged in to the Home Use Program select "Buy now" on the product you would like to purchase.


7. Click on Checkout to purchase the Office product.  




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