Enable Browser Spell Checking


Many instructors are used to finding a spell-checking tool as a part of the tool bar within the D2L course creation tools. However, with the release of the Brightspace Editor, D2L has removed that feature. "D2L recommends using your browser spell check functionality." 

This article will walk individuals through the process of enabling or verifying the spell check settings for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Internet browsers. 

Google Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome internet browser.
  2. Select the three-dot icon then Settings
  3. Under the Advanced options on the left, select Languages
  4. Switch the Spell check toggle switch to on.


  1. Open the Firefox internet browser. 
  2. Open Preferences
  3. Under "General", scroll down to the Language section. 
  4. Set the options for language included checking the box for Check your spelling as you type. 


  1. Open the Safari internet browser. 
  2. Click anywhere text can be written, such as the Search Bar
  3. Click the Edit menu
  4. Select Spelling & Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing.


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