Zoom in D2L


The latest update has been made available to the integration between D2L courses and the Zoom web conferencing tool. This update has created a better experience for those who have added the Zoom tool to their D2L courses and provides a new option for instructors to incorporate Zoom meetings as a part of their course modalities. Instructors will even be able to add a Zoom meeting option to D2L calendar events.


If you are interested in enabling this integration in your D2L course(s), the following guides have been provided to assist you. You will need to complete the steps contained in the first guide prior to scheduling meetings using the second.

  1. Integrating Zoom into your D2L course
  2. Creating or Scheduling a Zoom meeting within your D2L course

For questions or assistance, please contact the 24/7 D2L support or complete the request form in the Online Service Desk.


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Tue 5/25/21 9:51 AM