Change Course Offering Dates: Learn@UCO


Instructors can determine the availability date of their courses within Learn@UCO. This article guides instructors in the process of changing the start (first date students can access) or end date (last date students can access) of their courses.

This process must be set for each course individually and is not required for students to get access to the course. This is only necessary if an instructor wishes to change the default date for course availability that is set in Banner (typically the first Monday of the semester and the Friday of finals week for a 16-week course).


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO and access your course shell.
  2. Click Edit Course.
  3. Click Course Offering Information
  4. Scroll down to the course dates section. Click on the <default date> and select a new date from the calendar for either the course start or course end date.
  5. Click Save
  6. This date will now be reflected in your My Courses area of the Learn@UCO homepage.


This will only change the access date for the course shell, not individual items within the course. 


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