Semester Checklist: Getting Started


This article provides instructors with a basic checklist of items to complete at the start of each semester. Are you ready for the semester to begin? 


In preparing your courses for the new semester, have you:

  1. Copied content from a previous semester into the new section?
  2. Uploaded or replaced syllabi, course schedules or any other items with updated information?
    • Content > Switch File
  3. Changed course dates for items such as quizzes, dropbox folders, and content?
    • Edit Course > Manage Dates
  4. Check settings for Quizzes that use the Lockdown Browser or
  5. Checked the course start dates to make sure students can access the material when ready? 
  6. Changed the course image in the My Courses widget? 
  7. Posted a welcome message or sent a welcome email for students in the section with information on how to get started or expectations for the course? 


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Tue 8/17/21 4:52 PM