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Question pools allow you to create quizzes with randomized question selections by telling the system how many questions a student should see from a larger pool of available questions. For example, you may have 50 questions over a particular topic but only want students to answer 5 questions for the exam. Using Question Pools the D2L system will randomly select 5 questions from the available 50 for the student to answer. Each student will receive a different randomized selection of 5 questions.

Question pools are an effective way to reduce the opportunities for cheating on quizzes as they ensure each learner receives a unique set of questions. Once you have entered a title, the number of questions to select, and the points per question for your question pool, you can browse the Question Library or existing quizzes, surveys, and self-assessments, to select the desired questions.

Question Pools can be used in combination with other question methods. You have the ability to pick a specific set of questions that every student has to answer and can then include one or more question pools as needed.

This article provides steps for instructors to add a question pool in an online quiz or exam created in the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.  

Before you can create a question pool, all questions must be available in the Question Library or other quizzes. You cannot create question pool questions within the quiz/exam itself.


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO and access your course.
  2. Click Assessments > Quizzes.
  3. Click the title of a quiz that has already been created or click New to create a new quiz.
  4. Add a “name” for the quiz/exam.
  5. Click Add/Edit Questions
  6. Click New > Question Pool
  7. Complete the Question Pool form:
    1. Provide a title for the question pool section
    2. Add the number of questions you want each student to answer from the pool of questions
    3. Indicate how many points each question is worth.
  8. Click Browse Question Library. (Remember, all questions used in the question pool must be available in the Question Library or other quizzes/exams. You cannot create questions to add to the question pool from the quiz itself.)
  9. You can:
    1. Search the question library
    2. Browse through the available folders/sections
    3. Switch question source
    4. Filter by question type
    5. Sort question options by: question type, points, or title/text.
  10. Add questions by clicking the checkbox next to questions you would like to include in the available pool then click Add.
  11. You can explore the dynamic preview in the right column and refresh the randomly selected questions by clicking the Refresh Preview icon.
  12. When done, click Save.
  13. Your question pool has been created.
  14. You can also add in standard questions that every student must answer or add additional question pools. Click Done Editing Questions when finished.
  15. You can continue editing your quiz/exam as normal. When finished, click Save and Close.


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