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Some course instructors may ask you to participate in an online discussion as a part of your course requirements. It is up to the instructor’s discretion on if and how discussion boards will be used in your courses. Some instructors have specific availability dates and restrictions set for the online discussions in their course so it is recommended that you discuss your instructor’s expectations with them early in the semester.

This article will walk you through the process of participating in an online discussion the Learn@UCO discussion board for a specific course.


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO through the link in UCONNECT and access your course.
  2. Click Communications > Discussions.
  3. This page lists the available discussion boards for this course. Discussions are organized into a) Forums (or folders) and then b) Topics. Topics are where your instructor will put the discussion prompt, otherwise known as the assignment instructions.

    Locate the correct discussion topic and click on the c) <topic title> to participate in the discussion.
  4. The discussion prompt and any restrictions (if applicable) are displayed at the top of the page.

    Click Start a New Thread to create an original response to the prompt.
  5. Fill out the <Subject> and the <Content> for your response. You can insert links or images and format your text using the icons above your typed response.
  6. You can insert links or images and format your text using the icons above your typed response.
  7. Click the <Subscribe to this thread> checkbox to get automatic updates if someone responds to your post.
    Note: Be sure that your automatic notifications are turned on in your Notifications settings in order to receive email or text message notifications about your discussion board threads. For more information, read the Setting Up Notifications knowledge base article.
  8. Click Add attachments if you need to attach any files to your response.
  9. When finished, click Post.
  10. After posting your own response, you can also reply to the thread created by other participants.

    Click the <thread title>.
  11. After reading the responses, click Reply to Thread.
  12. Type your response and click Post.


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