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Some course instructors may ask you to take an online quiz or exam in Learn@UCO rather than taking the quiz/exam in person. To do this, you will access the Learn@UCO quizzes tool for that particular class. It is important to note; the Quizzes tool is used for both online quizzes AND exams. The only difference is the length, complexity and name the instructor determines for each. It is recommended that you discuss your instructor’s expectations with them early in the semester.

This article will walk students through the process of completing and submitting an online quiz or exam in the Learn@UCO quizzes tool within a course.


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO and access your course.
  2. Click Assessments > Quizzes.
  3. On this page you will see a list of available quizzes/exams and information about each including any due dates that have been set.

    Click the title of the correct quiz/exam. (Not sure which quiz/exam? Check your course syllabus or contact your instructor!)  
  4. The next page provides details about the quiz/exam including:
    1. Date range for when the quiz/exam is available
    2. How much time you have to take the quiz/exam
    3. The number of times you are allowed to take the exam
    4. Information or instructions provided by your course instructor.
    5. Instructions for completing the quiz/exam

      **If your quiz/exam has a time limit, that time does not begin until you click the start button!**
  5. When ready, click the Start Quiz button to begin
  6. The page header will include the quiz/exam name, time remaining and other quiz/exam information.
  7. Answer each question and be sure to click the Save button each time. The save button will save your progress for each question. If something happens and you have to leave the quiz/exam, the save button will save your progress and allow you to pick up where you left off.
  8. Click Next Page (if there are multiple pages in your quiz/exam).
  9. When you have completed the quiz/exam, click Go to Submit Quiz.
  10. Review the confirmation page. If you have unanswered questions and are able to go back and complete them, this page will prompt you to do so. When complete, click Submit Quiz.

    Your instructor will not receive your quiz/exam until you submit your quiz/exam.
  11. You will receive a Quiz Submission Successful confirmation page. If your instructor has set the quiz/exam to be graded automatically, you will see your score here.
  12. Click Done.


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