Create a Custom Quiz or Exam Submission View in Learn@UCO


By default, when a student completes a quiz or exam using the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool, they will be able to see a submission successful confirmation page and, if you have selected to have the quiz graded automatically, their score. Instructors have the ability to create custom submission views that allow students to see additional information including all quiz questions, questions answered incorrectly/correctly only, question answers, score and other statistics. You also have the ability to customize when students are able to access this information. Follow the instructions below for creating a custom quiz/exam submission view. These options can be different for each quiz or exam. 


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO and access your course. 
  2. Click Assessments > Quizzes
  3. Click the title of a quiz that has already been created or click New to create a new quiz. 
  4. Click the Submission View tab.
  5. In the Submission View tab you can either:
    • Edit the default view: Click the Default View link
    • Create a new view: Click Add Additional View
  6. Customize the options and click Save and Close

Video Tutorial

D2L has also produced a video tutorial detailing the steps and options available. Click on the image below to open the video. 


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