Record/Share Videos for Instruction in D2L


Recording lectures or short videos and then posting them to your D2L course is a great way to provide information to students succinctly and engage students in ways beyond that of text-based communication/instructions.
  • Kaltura (My Media)
    UCO On Demand, powered by Kaltura, is the UCO streaming solution at UCO (similar to YouTube). This resource has an integration with D2L called My Media. My Media acts as a bridge between UCO On Demand and D2L. It also provides a way to easily add videos to your course content or news items. 

  • Record Your Screen Using Kaltura Screen Capture
    Kaltura Screen Capture is an extension available as a part of the My Media integration with D2L. After launching My Media from any D2L page, you will be able to access the Kaltura Screen Capture tool from the Add button in the top right. This tool allows you to record your desktop/laptop screen with the option to simultaneously capture video from a webcam. This option is ideal if you want your students to still connect with you visually but also need them to see a PowerPoint presentation or other visual media. 
  • Record Using a Mobile Device
    Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are a simple way to get started recording videos for your course. Each device is slightly different so be sure to refer to your own device manual on specifics for recording and accessing videos on your mobile device. 
    My Media is mobile friendly so you can record on your device and upload directly from your media storage. No need to download the file to a computer first.
  • Uploading Video to My Media
    Instructors have access to their individual My Media gallery from the navigation bar in D2L. There is only one My Media space for each instructor but the resource can be accessed from the navigation bar in any course or the main My Home screen. Once you have accessed your My Media area, use the resources below to learn more about uploading and storing videos in My Media. 
    • How to Upload Media (video resource)
      Please note: These videos reference the "Brightspace" platform. This is what the D2L company officially calls its Learning Management System or Learning Environment. 
    • How to Use My Media (video resource)
  • Posting My Media Videos in Course Content or News
    Once a video has been uploaded to the My Media area, it can be embedded anywhere in a D2L course that uses the HTML editor including News, Activity Feed, Content pages, Quiz questions, Discussion prompts and Assignment descriptions. The following video describes the steps for using the HTML editor's Insert Stuff icon to get started. 
  • Recording a Webinar Session
    You can also record a Teams, WebEx, or Zoom session and provide a link to students to review the session at a time of their choosing. This is a great solution if a student is unable to attend live or if you prefer the ease of addressing students in a webinar environment rather than recording a video. 

Additional video tutorials on videos for instruction are available on the CeCE eStudio Team's webpage.


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