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What is a Call for Projects Process?

  • The 'Call for Projects' process provides a method through which University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) staff and faculty can submit annual Technology project requests that require Office of Information Technology (OIT) resources and funding.
  • Project requests go through an intake process that will triage and scope the Technology from a requirements, OIT resource demand and budget allocation perspective.
  • Once the requests have been categorized and prioritized by the internal steering committee, requests are then submitted twice a year to UCO Cabinet for final approval.
  • Approved projects are scheduled based on OIT resource capacity.
  • This process will aid in the overall planning and University alignment for all technology projects.


Why does UCO have a Call for Projects Process?

  • The Quarterly Call for Projects process provides a timely option for project request submissions while still aligning with departments' budgetary planning for technology project implementations during the next fiscal year.
  • The Quarterly Call for Projects process ensures the Project Management Office (PMO) is more proactive rather than reactive for project portfolio planning. 
  • Proactive planning ensures priorities are well established in addition to aligning the right resources to the right projects at the right time.​


What is an Information Technology Project?

1.  What is an Information Technology (IT) Project?

  • An initiative that requires Office of Information Technology (OIT) resources
  • An initiative that implements a brand new application, digital technology or software
  • An initiative that enhances an existing application, digital technology or software
  • An initiative that improves an existing process through the use of digital technology

2.  How do I know if the technology request is a project versus a simple ticket?  The following guidelines can be used:

  • A project is temporary in nature
  • A project has a defined start and end date
  • A project includes series of task designed to produce a unique product, service or other type of result.
  • A project typically takes more than 80 hours of resource time to complete.

NOTE:  If there is any doubt, the suggestion is to always submit a project request where it will be reviewed by the Project Management Office.  In the event a ticket can be initiated to address the need, then the Project Management Office will initiate the ticket for the requester.  


How are requests submitted, approved, & implemented?

  • With the start of each fiscal year, the project request load is frozen. This helps protect projects already in flight from delays.
    • NOTE:  For existing contract renewals, please do not submit a new project request and submit all contract renewal requests through this link:  Software Review Request
  • For new technology requests, UCO staff and faculty submit the online request form during January, April, July and October including approved budget information through this link: IT Project Request
  • The Project Management Office (PMO) moves the request through the workflow steps for committee scoring, prioritization, and approval.
  • The IT Executive Council (ITEC) scores the technical component and determines the level of effort needed for resources on the project to determine project classification.
    • Level 1
      • Support critical services for the university and impacts multiple departments or many people.
      • Time-sensitive and there is a high probability that they address issues of security, legal, compliance, safety, and/or disaster recovery.
      • Budgets are assigned and funding allocated for completion within the fiscal year, unless specifically identified as multi-year projects.
    • Level 2
      • Projects bring information technology up to industry standards and improve end-user services.
      • The impact is large, but not urgent; yet, there are some time-constraints associated with Priority 2 projects.
      • Projects usually yield cost-savings and may improve public relations.
      • These projects may have multiple components; therefore, one or two components may be completed within the fiscal year, but the entire project may not be implemented.
    • Level 3
      • Projects are identified as functions and services that Information Technology knows need to be completed, but does not have the capacity, funding, or a full set of information to act within the fiscal period.
      • An expectation from members of the university community may exist; however, no formal request has been submitted.
      • The Project Management Office will begin the planning and due diligence phases of these projects.
    • Level 4
      • Projects are listed in the Backlog to ensure they are considered for future prioritization should time and resources become available.
      • Some speculation exists that end-users will request the services offered in Priority 4 at some point in the near future.
  • The Campus University IT (CUIT) steering committee scores and prioritizes the full stack of requests in alignment with UCO's mission and identified needs, verifies budgets are approved and available, and submits a recommended priority list of projects to the UCO Cabinet for final approval.​
  • The Cabinet-approved project list provides the PMO with guidance and authority to schedule and plan implementations based on functional and technical resource capacities.



What criteria is to be included with the project request?

  • Thorough and complete project description and request form.
  • Well-defined business case with university strategic alignment.
  • All project requests require an approved budget covering implementation costs, ongoing mandatory costs, and sustained FTE for operational support.
  • Functional and Technical team members identified to participate with project implementation and operational functions beyond go-live.




What if I have questions?

Contact the UCO OIT Project Management Office at pmo@uco.edu.





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