Software Approval Request

Service Overview

Do you want to request approval to purchase new software or do you need to renew some existing software for UCO use? 

The university’s Software Approval Request process is required for all new software and renewals of existing software. This process also applies to any department or individual wishing to obtain software, even when there is no cost associated. 

Why Is This Necessary

This process evaluates the legal, technical, and security risks to UCO prior to the acquisition, renewal, or modification of any software licensing and/or subscription services. This helps protect the university from risk associated with privacy, security, and safety as well as ensure university compatibility and efficiency across systems.

Even free software downloads require you to “click to accept” and binds UCO to licensing agreements. Completing the review prior to software acquisition will help protect the university from risk ​and ensure compliance with state requirements.

What Is The Process

The process consists of:

Once all documentation has been received, the process for review of the software is initiated. The assigned reviewer will contact you to review your request, obtain additional information if necessary and keep you informed of the review status.

Available to

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Once you have decided upon the software you would like to purchase and obtained a vendor quote or quotes as required, submit an online software approval request form with the other required documentation to the UCO Service Desk.

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