Services A-Z (156)


*Project Request (Communications)


Admissions Tracking System


Audio/Video Recording Services Request

A-Z Website Index Addition


Banner - Report an Issue

Banner - Request

Banner Printer Issue or Service Disruption

Banner Printer Request

Blackboard Ally Service Request

Blackboard Analytics Service Disruption

Blackboard Analytics Service Request

Blog Request

Blog Service Disruption

BronchoTravel (SAP Concur) Issue or Service Disruption

BronchoTravel (SAP Concur) Request


Captioning Services

Central Alert

Central Collaboration Spaces Request

Central Collaboration Spaces Service Disruption

Central Tech Store - Personal Purchases

Central Tech Store - UCO Purchases

Centralities Article Request

Classroom Technology - Report an Issue

Computer Lab - Report Lab Issue

Conference Calling

Conference or Event Issue or Service Disruption

Conference or Event Support Request

Conference Room / Meeting Space Multimedia Issue or Disruption

Conference Room or Meeting Space

Custom Application - Remove

Custom Application - Report an Issue

Custom Application - Request Configuration Change


Database Services Issue or Service Disruption

Database Services Request

Degree Works Issue or Service Disruption

Degree Works Service Request

Digital Accessibility

Digital Signage Request

Digital Signage Request

Digital Signage Service Disruption

Document Management Service (ECMS) Issue or Service Disruption

Document Management Service (ECMS) Request

DUO Access Portal


Electronic Access Control - Request

Electronic Access Control - Service Disruption

Email Assistance

Email Blast Request

Email Service Disruption

Employee Departure - Access Remove

Employee Security Access Form

Equipment Checkout Issue or Service Disruption


File Share Access - Report an Issue

Files Restoration Request


Guest Wifi Account Access


Hardware or Software Issue on a Personal Device

Hardware/Device Service Disruption

Hardware/Devices Installation Assistance

Home Use Programs & Free Software Downloads


Institutional Data Issue or Service Disruption

Institutional Data Service Request

Internal OIT Project Request - Departmental

IT Closet Physical Access

IT Data Center Physical Access

IT Data Center Tour Request

ITSM Service Issue or Service Disruption (TeamDynamix)

ITSM Service Request (TeamDynamix)


Jamf/Mac Software Deployment Request

Job Scheduler (Automic) Service Disruption

Job Scheduler (Automic) Service Request


Knowledge Base Request

Knowledge Base Service Disruption


Learn@UCO (D2L) - Assistance

Learning Center Assistance

Long Distance Authorization Code Request


Master Calendar Assistance

Microsoft Cloud 365 Issue or Service Disruption

Microsoft Cloud 365 Service Request

Mobile App (UCO Central) Feature Request

Mobile App Issue or Service Disruption

Mobile App Request

Multimedia AV Design and Integration Services


Network Drop Request

Non-standard Hardware Purchase - Quote Request


OIT Project Request

Open Records Request


Password Reset

Paycom - Report Service Disruption

Paycom - Request

Phone Extension Modification

Phone Extension Request

Phone Ordering Process

Phone Service Disruption

Printer Issue or Service Disruption

Printer Move or Relocation Request

Printer Request

Publish Request - Website or Webpage

Purchase a New Phone


QR Code and Shortlink request

Qualtrics Service Disruption

Qualtrics Service Request


Remote Desktop Assistance

Respondus - Assistance


SAS - Request Help/Install

SCCM Issue or Service Disruption

SCCM Software Deployment Request

Security Policy Exception Request

Server Purchase - Quote Request

Service Desk General Disruption

SMART Board - Assistance

Social Media Directory Request

SoftChalk - Assistance

Software Approval Request

Software Disruption of Service

Software Installation Request

Staff Admissions Assistance

Streaming Media Services Request

Student Admissions Assistance

Survey Monkey

Suspicious Email or Possible Phishing Attack


Technology Training Lab Booking Request

Telework Assistance

Top Hat (Clickers) - Assistance

Touchnet Issue or Service Disruption

Touchnet Request

Training Request

Transact Service Issue or Service Disruption

Transact Service Request


UCO Equipment Checkout Services

UCO Zoom Web Conferencing


Video Conference Setup & Support

Video Surveillance - Request

Video Surveillance - Service Disruption

Voicemail PIN Reset

VPN Connectivity Issue or Disruption of Service

VPN Link Page


Website Access Request (Manage/Edit website)

Website Analytics Request

Website Content Update Request

Website Design Request

Website Marketing Domain or Vanity URL Request

Website Request

Website Service Disruption

WiFi Connection Assistance