How to Submit a Project Request to the Office of Information Technology (OIT)


An Information Technology (IT) Project is an endeavor that requires Office of Information Technology (OIT) resources to create a new or significantly changed product, service or result within a finite timeline.  OIT resources are involved in the selection of a new or replacement business application, the implementation of a new system at UCO or in the cloud and the improvement / automation of a business process. 

The first step in requesting an IT project is submission of a project request form through the UCO Service Desk Client Portal. 


You can access the project request form in the UCO Service Desk Client Portal.  To complete the form, follow the instructions below.

1.  Click Request Project. 

2.  Login to the Client Portal using UCO’s Central Authentication Service.

3.  Complete all fields on the project request form. Some tips on navigating the form:

  • Save - you can save your request at any time, close and come back to finish. Note: Saving will not submit your request.

  • Help - The help text can be viewed using the + Help or – Help.

  • Look up box - Either begin typing name or click magnifying glass to view valid entries.

  • Drop Down box - Click to view and select valid entry.

  • Red asterisk - Designates a required field.

  • Text box - Complete and enter requested information.

4.  Once the initial screen of questions is complete, select Save (at top of screen).  At this point, you will see additional sections to complete (Goals, Attachments).  Upon completion of each section, save the information and select Mark Complete.  If you need to make changes in any section, click Mark Incomplete and you will be able to modify that section.  Save and Mark Complete all sections when changes are complete.  

5.  If uploading any supporting documentation, use the Attachments section.  Click Add Attachments to add files such a requirements document, etc. Select Mark Complete when finished.

6.  You can ignore the Risks Register section at this time.

7.  Click Review and Submit once all project request sections have been marked complete.

8.  Review project request information and then click Submit. You can print your project request if needed.


Upon submission, the Project Request will enter a workflow for approval.  All project requests are evaluated by a university governance process which includes a review by the IT Executive Council (ITEC) and the Committee for University IT Project Prioritization (CUIT).




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