UCO Security Policy (Information Security Policy)


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the University of Central Oklahoma has central responsibility for the University’s information and technology security; and is, therefore, the central source for the University audit and control of data and information technology. The Office of Information Technology is cognizant that increased autonomy and flexibility results in decreased security.  Essential to the protection of the University’s hardware, software, network, and information, are clearly defined and communicated standards.  The complete list of policies, guidelines, and procedures that will serve as the University’s standards are listed within the attached file that can be downloaded below.


The complete list of guidelines and procedures for the UCO Security Policy is available for your review. 


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All UCO Faculty, staff, students and contractors are responsible for protecting the university data they access or use within the scope of their employment and must comply with the UCO Information Security Policy. The Data Classification Guide applies to all devices used to access university data including university owned and managed computers as well as personal devices (tablets, Smartphones, thumb drives).