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OIT and CeCE are supporting two different exam proctoring tools with a variety of features to allow you, as instructors, the flexibility to select the solution that is most appropriate for your class, content, and teaching style.
If a student needs access to a closed course, the instructor can change the student's course role (found in the classlist) from "Student" to "Student - Extended Access". This will allow that single student access to the course for as long as is needed while the course remains closed to all other students. This will also not affect the student's access to any other courses.
Instructors have access to customize their course homepage by adding new system or custom widgets. This guide provides instructions for instructors on adding new widgets to your course home.
This article provides instructions for adding and unenrolling participants to a Learn@UCO classlist. This can include teaching assistants and other instructors who need changes in access to the course.
This article guides instructors in the process of copying content from one Learn@UCO course shell to another. Instructors can copy all content from one course to another or may pick-and-choose which content to copy.
The guide provides steps for either emailing the entire class OR emailing an individual/small group from the D2L Classlist.
The Activity Feed Service provides the ability to use the Activity Feed homepage widget. The Activity Feed widget creates a unique "feed" or "stream" for a course. The feed is a way for instructors to provide access to activities learners need to complete, deliver information they need to know, and facilitate learner engagement using simplified workflows in an intuitive and friendly interface.
Annotate student assignment submissions in Brightspace with ease. Make notes, underline, and comment directly onto the submitted assignment for student review.
This article walks instructors through the process of assessing an assignment submitted to a Learn@UCO Dropbox.
The Rubric tool available in Learn@UCO (D2L) makes it easy to assess student achievement in Dropbox Folders, Discussion Topics, Quizzes, Surveys and Learning Objectives. This article provides resources and an overview of terminology for instructors on using the Rubrics tool.
This article provides steps for instructors to create a custom submission view for online quizzes/exam created in Learn@UCO. This feature can allow students to view past quiz submissions, questions, answers, statistics and more based on settings determined by the instructor. These options can be different for each quiz or exam.
This article provides steps for instructors to add a question pool in an online quiz or exam created in the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.
This article guides instructors through the process of switching the course image which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage.
This article guides instructors through the process of using the course image (which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage) as the banner on the Course Home screen.