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Request help related to a disruption in your email service.

Submit suspicious emails that spam or a possible phishing attack.

Request help related to your email service.

Need to email a large group, we can assist. Request an email blast, sometimes known as a mass email or single message to a larger group.

Employee Security Access Forms are required for access to most UCO systems such as Banner, email accounts, file shares, and other university services.

Get assistance with password resets and access to UCO systems (UCONNECT, D2L, Banner, Degree Works, etc) and file shares.

Centralities, the university’s daily newsletter shares information to all UCO Faculty and Staff.

UCO's emergency management notification system

Guest Access to UCO Wireless Network.

Report a BronchoTravel related issue or service disruption

The ITSM service is the system that helps guide the staff of the Office of Information Technology to serving the faculty, staff, and students across the University of Central Oklahoma.

Request general information and support for CRM-Recruit.

Access to Secure IT Closets

Recommendation for AV Multimedia purchases and design.

Submit a BronchoTravel related request