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Services or Offerings?
Request to have SAS installed or updated on your UCO owned and/or personal computer

The UCO Service Desk can offer general assistance related to services provided by the Office of Information Technology.

Request help related to a disruption in your email service.

Request help related to your email service.

The Central Tech Store can help!

Request help with moving your printer.

Request help if the printer in your area is having a service disruption.

Request help for a Banner printer experiencing a service disruption.

If you need a mobile application, we can help you here.

Help with Live and On Demand Streaming Services at UCO.

The ITSM service is the system that helps guide the staff of the Office of Information Technology to serving the faculty, staff, and students across the University of Central Oklahoma.

Ally is a feature that promotes inclusivity for all learners by providing downloadable, alternative formats to course content for students while also providing guidance to instructors for improving content accessibility. Use this service to request help when dealing with an issue or disruption in access to Ally in D2L.

Request approval to purchase new software for use on UCO-owned computers or devices.

Survey Monkey is IT-approved but not supported.

Find information and support for software Installation