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Unable to login to UCO's VPN?

The UCO Central application which you have loaded on your device is not providing the information you expect, or you cannot login.

Guest Access to UCO Wireless Network.

Request general information and support for the UCONNECT campus portal.

Report a disruption of service in UCONNECT.

Request help related to a disruption in your email service.

If a UCO custom application is not working as expected, report it here.

Submit a Paycom related request

Report a Paycom related service disruption

Request information and support for Learn@UCO (D2L)

Change your voicemail PIN or have it reset to the default.

The Qualtrics Survey Suite is a powerful research tool available to all University of Central Oklahoma students, faculty and staff.

Report a disruption of service with Qualtrics.

Zoom is a Universal platform available on windows, apple and IOS and android devices for creating virtual meetings.