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Service Overview 

A network drop is a connection point in a network.  The term generally refers to a local area network (LAN).  Network drops are typically wall outlets with an Ethernet jack that a computer or other network device, including phone, printer, etc. can plug into.  Generally, a Faculty or Staff member will have either 1 or 2 network drops in his/her office as both the workstation (PC or Mac) and phone (Cisco IP Phone 8851) can share the same network drop.  However, certain instances (printer, additional employee sharing your office, etc.) will require an additional network drop.

Available To 

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Do you need an additional network drop in your office?  If so, simply click on Request Assistance.  Also, please mark up the corresponding building floor plan with the approximate location where this network drop is needed and include in the service request.  A UCO OIT technician will provide an official quote.  Typical turnaround time on obtaining a quote is up to 2 weeks.

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Fees/Additional Costs

There is an additional fee or charge for this service.  The total cost is dependent on several factors, including cable length and hours of labor it will take for installation.  

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