Publish Request - Website or Webpage

Service Overview

Has your WCMS content been created and verified on the Preview (Staging) Server in the Web Content Management System (WCMS) but not yet published to the Production (Live) UCO website? By selecting Web Publish Request you may submit your web pages for publishing to the live UCO website.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


By submitting a web content publish request you authorize the publishing of the specified pages, folders, subfolders, subsites and any related images & documents to the live UCO website. With this request, you will be responsible for analyzing the content that you publish to the live UCO website for quality assurance. Assets from subsites within your department or division may be included in when a publish request is processed. For this reason, it is best practice to always publish first to the Preview (Staging) server first and verify all links and images are function prior to submitting a publish request.

Getting Started

Current UCO Faculty and Staff can request their content be published to the live UCO website from the Preview (Staging) Server. Once your request has been submitted a service desk ticket will be created. Upon the completion of the publish request your ticket will be closed. This will serve as confirmation that your content has been published to the UCO website.

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Web Publish Request


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