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Would you like to have the social media accounts related to UCO for your organization and/or department be displayed on the UCO website? Just fill out this request to have them added to the Social Media Directory.

Social media not only connects students, faculty and staff, but it also keeps your target audiences up-to-date on current events on campus

The Social Media Directory is a catalogue that displays all of the social media accounts related to UCO from various organizations and departments. By submitting this request, your UCO-related social media account will be added to the Social Media Directory.

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Students, Faculty, and Staff


The Social Media Directory houses all of the UCO-related social media accounts from across the university in one, easy to navigate webpage. From the Social Media Directory, members of the UCO community and visitors will be able to easily locate your social media account. All of the accounts that are displayed on the Social Media Directory will be linked to the social networking sites that you provide. These social networking sites are not considered to be a part of UCO’s website domain. To be considered for inclusion in the Social Media Central Directory, your site must follow the Social Media Guidelines and maintain an active account. Individual webpages or websites (for on-campus colleges, departments, programs, etc.) should be listed on the A-Z Website Index and must follow the guidelines appropriate to that index.

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

The University of Central Oklahoma does not own rights to the linked social networking sites and therefore cannot enforce legal policies and procedures. While members of the University of Central Oklahoma community post to public third party sites, the university is not responsible for the views, opinions and postings by others found on such sites.

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If your site is not listed in the Social Media Central Directory and you would like for it to be included, please request assistance.

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