Website Service Disruption

Service Overview

The UCO website provides up-to-date information on all aspects of the university. The website allows university locals and visitors a place to easily access and locate news and information regarding UCO. By completing this request, the Office of Information Technology will be notified of this issue and a technician will begin resolving this complication.

What is a Service Disruption

Issues or service disruptions are when services are unavailable.  

The most common issues or service disruptions with the UCO Website can be resolved by:

  • Using a Different Web Browser
  • Ensuring Your Internet Connection is Stable
  • Clearing Your Cache & Cookies
  • Ensuring Your Firewall is not Restricting Access
  • Ensuring Your Web Browser is not Blocking Access

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

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Service ID: 19783
Tue 5/16/17 11:30 AM
Thu 1/18/18 1:48 PM