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Service Overview

UCO Blogs are created by the Office of Information Technology upon request solely for use by the requesting party. Online communication tools such as blogs are recognized by UCO as valuable communication and interaction tools for use in creating community, interaction and facilitating feedback with students, staff, faculty, parents, the community and other UCO stakeholders.

What is a Service Disruption

Issues or service disruptions are when services are unavailable.  

The most common issues or service disruptions with the Broncho Blogs can be resolved by:

  • Using a Different Web Browser
  • Ensuring Your Internet Connection is Stable
  • Clearing Your Cache & Cookies
  • Ensuring Your Firewall is not Restricting Access
  • Ensuring Your Web Browser is not Blocking Access
  • Logging in or authenticating with the correct UCO username and password

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

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