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Do you have a need to purchase new computer hardware and peripherals that are not on the standard list? Click the Request Assistance button to request approval and a quote from a technician.

Purchases for standard computing hardware and accessories for institutional use are now handled via the Central Tech Store Institutional purchasing process. OIT Approval is implied when purchasing from the standard list.  Authorized purchasers can use a P-card to procure equipment at the Central Tech Store and can usually receive same day delivery.

Available to

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Requests for non-standard computer hardware and peripherals should be submitted to the Service Desk by clicking the Request Assistance button.  Requests should contain the following information:

  • Purpose of hardware being quoted including the business justification for not purchasing from the standard list.
  • Current name of computer or device being replaced or modified, if applicable
  • Physical location (building and room number) of device being replaced or modified, if applicable
  • Recipient(s) of new device(s)
  • Attach any quotes you may have already gathered.

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Service Fees or Additional Costs

There is no fee associated with obtaining a quote or purchase approval.  However, most departments or colleges are responsible for the cost of obtaining new hardware.

Request Assistance

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The Central Tech Store is the primary source for technology hardware and accessory purchases at UCO. All individuals and departments looking to purchase technology hardware or accessories (including batteries, power cords, adapters, etc.) will need to follow the information and steps outlined in this article.


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