Phone Ordering Process

Service Overview 

The most common phone found on campus is a Cisco IP Phone 8851.  UCO has the following phones available for purchase:

  • Cisco IP Phone 8851

  • Cisco IP Conference Phone 8831

  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901

Available To

Faculty and Staff. 

Getting Started

In order to purchase a phone, please complete an On Campus Service Request & Payment Authorization form.  Fill out the top portion of the form, outlined in red in the example shown below.


Select Request Assistance to create a Service Request.  Be sure to attach the completed On Campus Service Request & Payment Authorization form.  Once that is received, the new phone will be configured, delivered and installed in the location requested. 

Also, please submit an Employee Security Access form on behalf of the employee that the new phone will be configured for. 

Service Fees or Additional Costs

There is an additional fee or charge for this service.  Please contact the Central Tech Store for current prices. 

Request Assistance


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Tue 5/16/17 1:24 PM
Wed 5/16/18 11:01 AM