Classroom Technology - Request New / Change

Service Overview 

Do you have a request to add technology to a classroom or make a change in the current technology that resides in a classroom? 

Technology request or changes can includes, but not limited to: computers, speakers, switching devices, projectors, monitors, smart boards, TV’s, and etc.    

Available To 

Faculty and Staff


Technology requests / changes facilitate the installation or removal of technology in classrooms. Requests can be scheduled to take place after hours, holiday breaks, or during teaching openings in classrooms. 

Getting Started

Current faculty, can report technology requests / changes for review by submitting a request through the UCO Service Desk.  Before submitting the request, please have the following information ready:

  • Building
  • Classroom Number
  • Request / Change

Note: For any classroom technology requests, there will be an approval process. For major changes, this approval process will most likely involve multiple parties. Any changes will also need to be postponed until the classroom is available for work.  Minor changes can usually be done when the classroom is available for a few hours.  Major changes normally require work to be done over the summer or possibly on one of the major semester breaks.

Related Services 

Fees/Additional Costs

There may be a cost/fee associated with the change request.  Cost information will be provided before work commences.

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