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Service Overview 

The University of Central Oklahoma has the capability to select and distribute information to various stakeholders based on their roles as related to Central. The UCO Office of Information Technology will make every attempt to remain abreast of Internet practices, in addition to legislation, regulations, and policies, which affect the university's ability to transfer data and to communicate via the Internet.

The university has multiple options available to it for distributing information to a wide audience. Some of these options include: 


What is an email blast and why choose it?

Email Blasts are used to send a single message to a lot of people. Information Technology can help you send a message to all of the UCO Campus, all Faculty and/or Staff, all the Students, or just the Students within a single college. We can identify your target audience by any requirement and help you to distribute your message. Email blasts do require approved university branding and must be accessible, but it can be a great way to share your message in a way that is designed to get action. 

Available To 

Faculty, Staff and Students Organizations


For special, unique, or one-time announcements, mass email messages may be considered.

The preferred method for University of Central Oklahoma communications are UCONNECT and Centralities, the university's daily news service.

Requests for mass email messages must obtain appropriate Vice President approval. Requests are then routed to the UCO Service Desk for ticket processing and then distribution. If the mass email method of delivery is not approved, University Communications may publish the communication in Centralities or distribute it as an UCONNECT announcement.

Getting Started

When requesting an email blast you must have all information and content in an approved, accessible state.  

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Service Fees or Additional Costs

There is no additional fee or charge for this service.