Software Approval Request

Service Overview

Do you want to request approval to purchase or renew software for UCO use? 

The Software Approval Request process is required of any department or individual wishing to purchase or obtain new software for UCO use. 

The process consists of:

  • Obtaining quotes for the desired software from a vendor
  • Obtaining the End User License Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions from the software manufacturer
  • Completing the online software approval form and submitting to the UCO Service Desk
    • NOTE:  A separate software approval request form is no longer required. 

Once all documentation has been received, the Office of Information Technology reviews the technical and legal aspects of the software being requested.  The assigned reviewer will contact you to review your request, obtain additional information if necessary and keep you informed of the review status.

Available to

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Once you have decided upon the software you would like to purchase and obtained a vendor quote, submit an online software approval request form with the other required documentation to the UCO Service Desk.

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Service Fees or Additional Costs

There is no fee or cost for submitting a software approval request.  However, if the software is approved, any costs associated with obtaining the software is the responsibility of the requestor.