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Ally creates multiple alternative files from the original documents in your course. You can download these alternative formats anywhere that files are used.

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Getting Started

Your instructor probably has many different files uploaded in your course. Ally creates alternative formats for those files. You can download the alternative formats anywhere that files are used. Just choose the version that is best for your needs!

Once logged in to your course, find the file that you want and select the Alternative formats icon to the right of the file.

You can also find the alternative formats download button below the content once you've selected the file.

Choose the format you wish to download. You don't have to pick just one! Use as many formats as you want.

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Alternative Format Options


The audio alternative reads aloud the text in the original file. This also includes alternative descriptions for images, if they are provided.

The audio format is saved as an MP3. MP3s are compressed, high-quality sound files that can be played on any computer or mobile device.

Ally detects the language of the original content and selects a matching language for the audio file. If you want the original content in a different language, try the Translated Version format.

BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader makes reading on screen easier and faster. Instead of using plain black text, BeeLine Reader displays text using a subtle color gradient that helps pull your eye through your readings.

Example: BeeLine Bright

Example: BeeLine Night

Electronic Braille

The electronic braille alternative creates a BRF file that can be read on a refreshable Braille display (RBD), other Braille reading devices, or within a Braille software like Duxbury. 


The ePub alternative creates a digital publishing file that can be viewed on our mobile devices. ePub files are reflowable. This means that the content displayed automatically adapts to the device it is viewed on.

Here are a few suggested apps for ePubs.


What is Semantic HTML? Tags and elements—such as blockquote, paragraph, and headings—are added to add meaning to a page. It aids screen reader users with good content structure.

Semantic HTML is viewed in a browser and adapts to the device you are viewing it on.


OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The OCR PDF alternatives are created when the original file is PDF of an image. OCR technology analyses the document and converts the image into searchable text.

NOTE: The conversion is only as good as the quality of the original file. If the file is difficult to analyze, there may be mistakes.

Tagged PDF

A Tagged PDF alternative uses tags and elements—such as blockquote, paragraph, and headings—to add meaning to a page. It aids screen reader users with good content structure.

Translated Version

This alternative format provides a machine-translated version of the instructor’s original into a total of 50 different languages and supports PDF, Word, Powerpoint and HTML documents.

NOTE: Accuracy varies and depends on the type of language being used in the document. For example, if there is a lot of technical language, complex sentence structure, and local colloquialisms.

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