Campus Calendar: Event Submission


Campus Calendar offers a user-friendly platform for managing events efficiently. One of its key features is the ability for users to submit events seamlessly. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to submit an event using Campus Calendar. 



  1. Visit the Campus Calendar at and click Submit Event

  2.  Select the right calendar for your event under "Submit to Calendar." For multiple relevant calendars, use "Suggest to Calendars" and choose all applicable ones. 

  3. Begin by providing your name, email, event title, and start and end times.

  4. Provide an informative "Brief summary" that potential participants will see. This will appear in the event list as well as the RSS feed.

  5. For additional details, use the "Long description". This does not appear in the RSS feed but will appear on the full event description.

  6. If your event is online, click the "this is an Online Event" box. Include links for platforms like Zoom and any relevant special instructions for participants. 

  1. Assign one or more categories under "Event Type" and choose applicable tags under "Event Tag." 

  1. Optionally, attach a photo and caption to your event.


  1. Review all event details and click the "Submit Event" button for approval and upload to the Campus Calendar. 



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