Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio Export to MyDesire2Learn


Graduating students with a Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio have the option to transfer their ePortfolio items from UCO's system into the MyDesire2Learn ePortfolio platform, hosted by the D2L company. MyDesire2Learn gives students ePortfolio for life, allowing you to create an account and then add all of your UCO ePortfolio content for free for up to 2GB worth of space. Using this system, you can continue to store, document, reflect, and share items that represent your learning, both while you were a student and for your life/learning experiences after. You will retain access to all of your artifacts, presentations, reflections and other ePortfolio items and will be able to use these, plus upload and save new items, to continue to showcase your accomplishments. 

This guide walks current UCO students through the process of exporting their UCO ePortfolio artifacts and presentations and then importing the content into the Desire2Learn ePortfolio system, MyDesire2Learn.


  1. Create a MyDesire2Learn Edudentity account. 
  2. Export your UCO ePortfolio contents into a .zip file. 
  3. Import the .zip file into the MyDesire2Learn system. 

For full instructions, download the PDF guide



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