Get information on how to access Learn@UCO (D2L) courses, submit assignments to dropboxes, use the ePortfolio, participate in discussion boards and more.

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Pinned Article Learn@UCO (D2L) Student Overview

This knowledge base articles provides a video overview of UCO’s learning management system, Learn@UCO. The video focuses on the student perspective of the system with instructions for logging in and navigating Learn@UCO.

Add Media Files to My Media: Learn@UCO (D2L)

The My Media area in Learn@UCO (D2L) allows students to upload media files such as videos and images to a central location for streaming purposes. From here, videos and other media files can be submitted in D2L courses, shared to other users, and added to other locations. My Media is a private storage location and is not visible to the public unless a share link is sent to outside users. My Media is the connection between UCO On Demand, the university supported video streaming solution (similar

Assignment Submission Types in Learn@UCO

The D2L Assignments Folder tool in Learn@UCO courses now provides the ability to assess a variety of different submission types, beyond just student submitted files. This article provides an overview of the different submission types and the options available for each. These options are only available to newly created Assignments Folder.

Assistive Technology Software Resource Guide

Description, restrictions, and links to Assistive Tech (AT) software including built-in AT features in existing software and operating systems. For all staff, students, and some available to general public.

Brightspace Pulse

Get Prepared. Be Productive. Stay Connected. Brightspace Pulse, an Android and iOS app, is free and available to all UCO students. This app provides a secure connection to your Learn@UCO courses giving you access to a weekly calendar, personal to-do lists, swipe to reveal grades, course updates, instant notifications and more. This article provides additional information on the options within Brightspace Pulse and a full guide for downloading, logging in and using the app tools and features.

ePortfolios at UCO

This article provides a basic overview the Brightspace (D2L) ePortfolio tool available to all UCO students and instructors.

Learn@UCO (D2L) - Setting & Displaying Personal Pronouns

This article covers the steps for setting and displaying your personal pronouns in Learn@UCO (D2L).

Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio Export to MyDesire2Learn

Graduating students who have a Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio have the option to transfer their ePortfolio items from UCO's system into the MyDesire2Learn ePortfolio platform, hosted by the D2L company, in order to retain access to their ePortfolio contents even after they are no longer a student. This article covers how to: create a MyDesire2Learn account; export UCO ePortfolio contents into a file; and import the file and contents into the MyDesire2Learn system.

Learn@UCO (D2L) Updates

This article provides an overview of the monthly updates to the Brightspace by D2L (Learn@UCO) system as it applies to the UCO campus.

Learn@UCO: D2L Course Default Navigation Bar

Learn more about the D2L course navigation bar and the various categories, links, and resources in this knowledge base article designed for both instructors and students.


Mathematica, "the world's definitive system for modern technical computing" is available for students, faculty and staff. This article will describe the process for downloading the Wolfram Mathematica software onto both UCO owned and personal machines.

Navigating the Content Tool in Learn@UCO

This article provides students with steps and resources for understanding the Content tool in Learn@UCO, including navigation, bookmarks, printing and more.

Participate in an Online Discussion Board: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of participating in an online discussion the Learn@UCO discussion board for a specific course.

Pin and Unpin Courses in the My Courses Widget: Learn@UCO (D2L)

This article covers the options for pinning and unpinning courses to the Learn@UCO (D2L) My Courses widget. These options apply to both instructors and students and the screenshots are for the updated Daylight experience.

Set Up Notifications: Learn@UCO

Notifications allow you to get emails and/or text message reminders or updates about activity within your Learn@UCO courses. This guide provides instructions for setting up your notifications within Learn@UCO (D2L).

SMARTBoard Tutorials and Guides

This article provides resources for the use of a SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard.

Submit Assignment (from mobile browser)

This article walks students through the process of submitting an assignment to the D2L Assignment Folder Tool for their instructor to assess with screenshots using a mobile browser.

Submit Assignment to the Assignment Folder (from Laptop or Desktop Computer)

This article walks students through the process of submitting an assignment to the D2L Dropbox Tool for their instructor to assess using screenshots from a laptop or desktop computer.

Take an Online Quiz or Exam in Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of completing a quiz or exam using the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.

Turnitin Draft Coach for Students

Turnitin Draft Coach provides students with the ability to use Turnitin’s tools in Microsoft Word online to work towards the final draft of their assignment before they submit it to their instructor. Students can get feedback on grammar, citation checks, and check for similarity up to three times per document. Students will need to ensure they are using Microsoft Word, online, using their UCO account and have the Turnitin add-on enabled. This article provides getting-started instructions.

Updating the License for SAS Analytics

Instructions for updating the SAS license on personal computers

Using the Learn@UCO Calendar Tool

This article provides students information on using the Learn@UCO Calendar tool including navigating, viewing multiple calendars at the same time, adding your own tasks, and adjusting your view options.

View Assignment Feedback: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of viewing the feedback from their instructor on an assignment submitted and assessed in a Learn@UCO Assignments Folder.

View Course Assignment Grades in Learn@UCO

This article shows students how to view their course assignment grades in Learn@UCO.