IT Project Request

Service Overview

What is an Information Technology (IT) Project?

  • Endeavor that requires Office of Information Technology (OIT) resources
  • Creates a new or significantly changed product, service or result
  • Completed within a finite timeline

How do OIT resources provide support? 

  • Assist in the selection of a new or replacement business application
  • Implementation of a cloud-hosted or UCO-hosted system
  • Improvement or automation of a business process

Approval Process

All project requests are evaluated by a university governance process which includes a review by the IT Executive Council (ITEC) and the Committee for University IT Project Prioritization (CUIT).  Factors in the evaluation include:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Benefit (return on investment)
  • Risk (technological, scope of change)
  • Security of the system
  • Resources (skills, expertise, estimated staff hours)
  • Time frame
  • Constraints and dependencies

Available To

Faculty and Staff – All project requests must be sponsored by at least the requestor’s supervisor.

Getting Started

The UCO Office of Information Technology is happy to assist you with your project request.  To get started, please click the Request Project button on the top right to submit a project request form with information about your project.  This information will help to us to evaluate project scope, budget and timeline and will help set up your project for success. 

Fees/Additional Costs

Costs will be determined in the project evaluation process.