Phone Extension Modification

Service Overview

UCO phone users have the ability to manage many aspects of their phone's configuration via Features that can be controlled include speed dials, ring settings, voicemail notification settings, call history, personal phone contacts, and phone services PIN. Please refer to page 11 of the Cisco Phone User Manual for more information pertaining to the phone portal. 

To ensure that all name changes in campus systems, including the phone system, follow a uniform policy, the caller ID or display name for an employee's phone extension matches what is listed in Banner. The interdependence of several systems requires that name changes occur in a consistent uniform manner. Please refer to the Display & Name Change for Faculty/Staff article if you are wanting the display name for your extension to be changed. Once the appropriate documentation has been submitted to your department, that department will initiate the request to have your name changed.

Available To 

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

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