IT Closet Physical Access

Service Overview 

UCO Vendors may request access to Information Technology Closets under the following guidelines:

  • Any work performed at a Secure Area must be pre-approved in writing at least 24 hours in advance by Information Technology. 
  • Primary Contact is the UCO Service Desk at 974-2255 or by submitting a ticket using the "Request Assistance" link.
  • Secondary contact is the Office of Information Technology at 974-2688.
  • Notification – After receipt of a 24-hour advance notice or reasonable previous business day notice, the Office of Information Technology will dispatch someone within 20 minutes to provide access. 
  • NOTE:  For emergency and 24-hour access, please contact the UCO Service Desk at 974-2255.  Never assume an email notification will be retrieved for such short turn around purposes.

Available To 

UCO Vendors

Service Fees or Additional Costs

No charge

Request Assistance


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Tue 11/7/17 11:30 AM