BronchoTravel (SAP Concur) Request

Service Overview

BronchoTravel (powered by SAP Concur) is UCO's travel expense managment system.  University employees who travel use SAP Concur to request travel authorization, book travel and reconcile travel expenses.

Available To

Staff and Faculty (individual travel only)


  • UCO Individual Travel Card:  UCO has an individual corporate travel card program that employees can use for travel-related expenses.  Travel card expenses for an individual flow directly into his/her Concur profile for expense reconciliation.  Instructions to apply for an individual travel card are available on the Travel Compliance Office website.
  • Travel Authorization:  Concur Request is used for pre-travel authorization.  The system is configured with an approval workflow based on a traveler's supervisory chain and the funding orgs for the trip.  
  • Booking Travel:  Employees can book airfare and hotels with their UCO Individual Travel Card using the Concur Travel tool.  
  • Expense Reports:  Concur Expense is used for submitting travel expenses.

Getting Started

UCO's travel program is managed by the UCO Travel Compliance Office.  For additional information, visit or email the UCO Travel Compliance Office at

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