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Notifications allow you to get emails and/or text message reminders or updates about activity within your Learn@UCO courses. By setting up your notifications and/or modifying your settings, you can determine what types of messages to recieve, when to receive them and by what method. 

While geared towards students, notifications can be set up by anyone with access to the Learn@UCO system. This guide provides instructions for setting up your notifications within Learn@UCO (D2L). 


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO at
  2. Select your user dropdown menu (next to your name in the top right corner) and click Notifications
  3. By default, any notifications you sign up for will be sent to your UCO email address. To enable text messaging notification options, click Register your mobile and complete the form. **Before you can receive text notifications, you must confirm your mobile device. Carrier charges might apply to text messages you receive. Check your phone/data plan.
  4. Select your notification options. 
    1. Activity Summary will email you a summary of all of the activity for your courses daily, if selected.  
    2. Instant Notifications will notify you as soon as the event takes place. For example, if you click the checkbox for SMS (text messaging) for "Grades - Grade Item Updated", you will get a text message immediately after your instructor updates your grade for any item in the gradebook. 
  5. Select any customizations/exclusions. 
  6. Click Save


  • You have the ability to modify or update these settings at any time by following the instructions above.
  • These are "global" settings which means that, by default, all of the options you select apply to every course you are enrolled in at UCO. You can manage which courses are excluded from the notification list by selecting Manage my course exclusions at the bottom of the Notifications tool. 
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