Guest Wifi Account Access

Service Overview 

Guests of the University of Central Oklahoma are able to self-register their devices by connecting to the "UCO" wireless network (not UCO_SECURE), opening up a web browser to get to the UCO Login Page and clicking the link just below the Sign On button labeled, "Don't have an account?" 

If you do not see the UCO Login Page, type the address any web address (e.g., in the browser to force the UCO Login Page to appear in the browser. 

After completing the registration process, your password will be delivered through email and text messages based on the information used while registering your device.  The account will work for up to 5 devices simultaneously connected to the UCO Wireless network.  Accounts will be valid for two weeks.

Available To 

UCO Guests


Passwords are delivered to email address and phone number (text message) used during registration process.

Getting Started

This training video will guide you through the steps to set up a guest account.  If you have problems, select the Request Assistance link to open a ticket.

Fees/Additional Costs

No charge

Request Assistance

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The University of Central Oklahoma has the responsibility for securing its computing and networking systems (both academic and administrative) against unauthorized access, while making the systems accessible for legitimate academic and administrative uses.


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