Password Reset for Faculty & Staff


To enhance security all UCO faculty, students and staff are required to change their UCO password every 90 days.  You may change your password at any time, but if 90 days have passed since it was last changed, you will be prompted to change it.  This will be enforced by using an alert mechanism in UCONNECT.

Whether you are looking to be Cyber Secure and to update your password every 90 days, or just need to reset it, there are multiple ways to reset your account password.


Reset Your Password

On Campus Password Changes

  • Change Password: Windows
    • On your keyboard press Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at the same time.
    • Select Change Password.
    • Follow the instructions presented to change your UCO password.
  • Change Password: Mac
    • Open System Preferences.
    • Select Users & Groups.
    • Select your account.
    • Choose Change Password.
    • Follow steps displayed to change your UCO password

Off Campus Password Changes

  • Please visit to use the Self-Service Password Change utility.
  • Note: When you change your password while off campus, you will use this new password to access remote services and/or to unlock your campus desktop computer when you return to campus.

On or Off Campus Password Changes

  • Follow these instructions to change password after you’ve logged into UCONNECT
  • Select the Personal information page
  • Locate the Password Change portlet and select Change Password.
  • Follow the instructions on the Change Password screen to complete the process.


Remember to change your password on your UCO Wifi-connected devices. 

Additional support can be provided by requesting help from the UCO Service Desk. They can be reached at Service Desk Online by phone at (405) 974-2255.

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