UCONNECT Access Information


What do I do if I forget my UCO password?

You may create a new password online using the Self-Service Password Change utility.  This utility allows you to enter your UCO username or UCO ID number and have an email sent to your currently registered non-UCO email account.  After clicking the link provided in the email, you can set a new password.

Not receiving the email?

Students who are not receiving the password change emails (make sure to check your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folders) can request for their active non-UCO email address to be changed.  Those requests can be processed in-person, Email, or by FAX via Enrollment Management.  In-person requests must be made by the affected student and require a UCO ID card or government-issued photo ID.  Visit Admissions on the first floor (south side) of the Nigh University Center for in-person requests.  For Email or FAX requests, please include a scan of your UCO ID card or government-issued photo ID along with an explanation of what is needed, your contact information, and your signature.  Email to or FAX those items to (405) 974-3841 and allow one business day for processing.  To check on the status of the request, call (405) 974-2727.

In-person password changes

If the automated reset methods aren't available to you or if the password change emails are blocked by your email provider, you can change your password in-person by visiting the UCO Service Desk.  You will need to present a UCO ID card or government-issued photo ID.  You will then be allowed to create your new password while at the Service Desk if an alternate email address is associated with your account.

How do I change my UCO password after logging in to UCONNECT?

To change your password after logging in:

  1. Select the Personal information page.
    Uconnet with Personal Information selected
  2. Locate the Password Change portlet and select Change Password.
    Password change portlet with Change Password highlighted
  3. Follow the instructions on the Change Password screen to complete the process.

Strong Passwords should follow these rules:

  • 8 - 20 characters in length
  • Must contain alpha and numeric characters, a - z (case sensitive), 0 - 9
  • Must contain at least 1 alpha character, a - z, A-Z
  • Must contain at least 1 numeric character, 0 - 9
  • May contain special characters, such as @, #, $, %, *, &, (, ), etc.

Use this utility to search for your UCO username using one of two methods:

Please note: This search will return only records where all fields exactly match a record in the database.

...use this method if you know your UCO Id number (i.e. *19283746).

...use this method if you know your Admissions Login Id (created by you when you applied for admission online).

If you are unable to determine your username with either of the methods available, please call 974-2255 for additional assistance.

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