View Course Assignment Grades in Learn@UCO


Some course instructors may provide course and/or assignment grades through the Learn@UCO (D2L) system. It is recommended that you discuss your instructor’s expectations with them early in the semester. This article will show you how to view your course grades.

It is important to note; at the end of the semester, if your instructor is using Learn@UCO to track your course grades, they will still need to input grades into UCONNECT. The final grade you receive in UCONNECT at the end of the semester is the grade that will appear on your transcript. Please contact your instructor for details or in case of discrepancies.


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO and access your course.
  2. Click Assessments > Grades.
  3. The next page will vary depending on your instructor’s settings and course assignments. On this page, you may see:
    1. Each course assignment
    2. Your grade for the assignment
    3. Any feedback your instructor has left about the assignment
    4. A “-“ in the Points or Grade column indicates that is an assignment your instructor has not yet assessed/graded.
  4. At the top of the page, you may see your current final grade for the course. Not every instructor chooses to release this information but, if available, this grade will show you your current overall course progress.

    Please contact your instructor for details on how the instructor is using the Learn@UCO Grades tool.
  5. Use the Print button to print a grade report if needed.


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