Learning Center


With the Learning Center, you have access to a wide range of business, desktop and safety courses, provided in partnership with SkillSoft, a leading provider of on-demand training and learning solutions.

Need help with pivot tables? Need to take your annual safety training? Trying to improve your time management skills? Getting ready for a performance appraisal? Need help with your online class rubrics? You can access help with these areas and much more.

Learning Center offers training that is:

  • Convenient – 24/7 access to accommodate your busy lifestyle.
  • Interactive – Keeps you engaged for a learning experience that will be remembered.
  • Self-paced – Satisfies your unique learning style.
  • On-Campus or Online – provides options for learning opportunities in both online or face-to-face formats offered by a variety of departments across campus.


Faculty and Staff Instructions


Launch the Learning Center
Please log in with your UCO username and password.

Additional Support

All current faculty, staff and student employees automatically receive access to the UCO Learning Center. If you are experiencing any issues logging in, please request assistance.

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To enhance security all UCO faculty, students and staff are required to change their UCO password every 90 days. You may change your password at any time, but if 90 days have passed since it was last changed, you will be prompted to change it. This will be enforced by using an alert mechanism in UCONNECT.
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Your UCO username is the gateway to most UCO services, such as UCONNECT, D2L, Email, etc. The format is typically your first initial then your last name and may be followed by a number.