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Find knowledge articles about training opportunities at UCO.

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General Help from Service Desk

Can't find the service you need? Start here for general assistance requests.

How To Change Desktop Wallpaper/Background - Windows 10

This article provides instructions for changing the desktop wallpaper (AKA desktop background) on a Windows 10 computer.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is your first stop for on-campus continuing education opportunities available to UCO staff and faculty.

Learning Center Transcript & Certificate of Completion

Instructions on how to obtain a Certificate of Completion for professional development opportunities tracked in the Learning Center.

Learning Center: A Guide to UCO's Professional Development Platform

This article provides faculty and staff a guide on how to access required annual training, download a copy of your learning transcript or a course certificate, and track your own personal learning inside the official learning management system for professional development; UCO's Learning Center.

Technology Training Catalog

View the full technology training catalog from the TRC. Custom and one-on-one trainings available on request.

Zoom Training

Information on how training resources available for using Zoom, audio and video conference system, at UCO. In either a classroom or office environment.