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The My Media area in Learn@UCO (D2L) allows students and instructors to upload media files such as videos and images to a central location for streaming purposes. From here, videos and other media files can be submitted in D2L courses, shared to other users, and added to other locations. My Media is a private storage location and is not visible to the public unless a share link is sent to outside users. My Media is the connection between UCO On Demand, the university supported video streaming solution (similar to YouTube) and Learn@UCO (D2L), the university's learning management system.

The first step is uploading your video to the My Media area (Part 1). Once there, students can add the video to the Course Gallery (Part 2) and instructors can add the video to the Content list (Part 3) or anywhere the Brighstpace Editor is found (Part 4)


Part 1 - Uploading Videos to My Media

  1. Log in to Learn@UCO (D2L) and select the My Media link in the Navigation Bar on the My Home screen.  (This will open in a new tab/window in your browser)
  2. Click Add New > Media Upload
  3. Click Choose a file to upload
  4. Locate the file on your computer or flash drive, then click Open
  5. The video upload will begin processing. Do not close this page until the process is complete. 
  6. Complete the form. Be sure that you add a NameDescription, and at least 3 Tags to the file information or you will not be able to add this file to a course in D2L or share it with other individuals. 
  7. Then click Save
  8. After your video has been uploaded (a) and your changes have been saved (b), you may leave or close the page. 
  9. To watch your video, click Go to Media (a). To return to the main My Media screen, click Go to My Media (b). 
  10. Your video will now be available in your My Media list. 

Part 2 - Adding Video to a Course Gallery

Your instructor may ask you to submit your video to a Course Gallery in your D2L section. The following instructions will guide you through the process. These steps should be completed after the video has been uploaded as shown in Part 1. 

  1. Log in to Learn@UCO (D2L) and access your course. 
  2. Locate the Course Gallery link in the course Navigation Bar. 
  3. Click the +Add Media button. 
  4. Scroll down and click the checkbox next to your video. 
  5. Click Publish
  6. Refresh your browser and your video will now be available in the Media Gallery

Part 3 - Adding My Media Files to Content List

For course instructors, after your video has been uploaded to My Media, you can follow these steps to add the video as an individual link in your course Content list. 

  1. Click Content 
  2. Select the module you want the video in from the Table of Contents on the left. 
  3. Click Add Existing Activities > Add Kaltura Media 
  4. Find your video from the list and click Embed
  5. You will now see your video in the Content list. 

Part 4 - Adding My Media Files to Brightspace Editor

For course instructors, after your video has been uploaded to My Media, you can follow these steps to embed your video anywhere you use the Brightspace Editor. This includes the Content Create a File option, Assignment folder instructions, Quiz questions, Discussion prompts, feedback, News items and more. 

  1. With the Brightspace Editor open, click the Insert Stuff icon. 
  2. Select Insert Kaltura Media from the options on the left. 
  3. Find your video from the list and click Embed
  4. Click Insert
  5. Continue editing the content in the Brightspace Editor and Save
  6. Your video will now be embedded as a part of the content you created. 


Additional information about Kaltura's My Media resource in Learn@UCO (D2L) or UCO On Demand can be found in the knowledge base article

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