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Turnitin Draft Coach provides students with the ability to use Turnitin’s tools in Microsoft Word online to work towards the final draft of their assignment before they submit it to their instructor. Students can get feedback on grammar, citation checks, and check for similarity up to three times per document. Students will need to ensure they are using Microsoft Word, online, using their UCO account and have the Turnitin add-on enabled. This article provides getting-started instructions.
How to Purchase in the Microsoft Office Home Use Program for Faculty and Staff
This knowledge base article provides a step-by-step guide for publishing a report created in Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service (the online version) using your UCO Microsoft account. Also, this article provides information on sharing your workspace, report, or dashboard with other UCO employees/students.
OneDrive is the official cloud file storage platform for UCO.
Word Guide covering fundamentals, navigation, styles, editing, formatting and tables.
Guide covering PowerPoint 2013 shortcuts, formatting, fundamentals, transitions and slide show delivery.
Guide covering calendars, contacts, fundamentals, task lists and navigation pane.
Excel Guide covering formulas, navigation, editing, styles, formatting and tables.
Students can use Turnitin Draft Coach to check grammar, similarity, and citations all before submitting to their course instructor. This guide provides a brief overview of Turnitin Draft Coach for instructors, information on how students can get started, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Need help connecting your Windows 10 device to UCO_SECURE? The University of Central Oklahoma offers high-speed wireless Internet access to our students, faculty, staff, and guests.