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Find knowledge articles on how to purchase new hardware and software and how to request an IT project.

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Create an Account for Departmental Purchases at the Online Central Tech Store

In order for the Central Tech Store (CTS) to identify an individual as an approved pcard holder, and thereby qualifying for the tax-exempt purchasing options, the Department Purchaser first needs to create an account at the CTS online and have that account validated by the CTS staff. This guide lists the steps required to create an online Central Tech Store business account.

How to Submit a Project Request to the Office of Information Technology (OIT)

IT projects can be complex and require a great deal of planning and coordination. OIT has a team of experienced professionals who can help you with all aspects of your IT project, from planning and design to implementation and support.

Technology Legal Licensing

Outlines the differences between EULAs, ToU agreements, and T&Cs. EULAs, ToU agreements, and T&Cs. All are legal agreements that outline the terms and conditions under which a user is allowed to use a product or service.

Software Vendor Questionnaire

Technology Questions for Software Vendors

UCO Technology Purchases

The Central Tech Store is the primary source for technology hardware and accessory purchases at UCO. All individuals and departments looking to purchase technology hardware or accessories (including batteries, power cords, adapters, etc.) will need to follow the information and steps outlined in this article.

UCO Approved Software

A listing of approved software.