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Pinned Article Learn@UCO (D2L) Student Overview

This knowledge base articles provides a video overview of UCO’s learning management system, Learn@UCO. The video focuses on the student perspective of the system with instructions for logging in and navigating Learn@UCO.

Add Participants to Classlist: Learn@UCO

This article provides instructions for adding participants to a Learn@UCO classlist. This can include teaching assistants and other instructors who need access to the course beyond the Banner assigned course instructor.

Assess a Dropbox Submission: Learn@UCO

This article walks instructors through the process of assessing an assignment submitted to a Learn@UCO Dropbox.

Brightspace (D2L) ePortfolio

This article provides a basic overview the Brightspace (D2L) ePortfolio tool available to all UCO students and instructors.

Brightspace (D2L) ePortfolio Handouts and Guides

This article provides step-by-step PDF tutorial guides on a variety of ePortfolio topics/skills including uploading and working with artifacts/reflections, sharing items, and creating/editing ePortfolio Presentations.

Change Course Image: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors through the process of switching the course image which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage.

Change Course Offering Dates: Learn@UCO

Instructors can determine the availability date of their courses within Learn@UCO. This article guides instructors in the process of changing the start or end date of their courses.

Copy Course Content: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors in the process of copying content from one Learn@UCO course shell to another. Instructors can copy all content from one course to another or may pick-and-choose which content to copy.

Downloading Content from Adobe Connect

This guide covers the instructions for downloading/saving content from the Adobe Connect system. All content from an individual's account must be downloaded by no later than July 14, 2018.

Dropbox Submission Types in Learn@UCO

The D2L Dropbox tool in Learn@UCO courses now provides the ability to assess a variety of different submission types, beyond just student submitted files. This article provides an overview of the different submission types and the options available for each. These options are only available to newly created dropboxes.

Email from Classlist: Learn@UCO

The guide provides steps for either emailing the entire class OR emailing an individual/small group from the D2L Classlist.

Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio Export to MyDesire2Learn

Graduating students who have a Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio have the option to transfer their ePortfolio items from UCO's system into the MyDesire2Learn ePortfolio platform, hosted by the D2L company, in order to retain access to their ePortfolio contents even after they are no longer a student. This article covers how to: create a MyDesire2Learn account; export UCO ePortfolio contents into a file; and import the file and contents into the MyDesire2Learn system.

Learn@UCO Daylight Overview

This guide provides an overview of the changes to Learn@UCO after the Daylight update on May 11, 2018. The changes include simple, accessible and fully responsive navigation and a more engaging My Courses widget. Course tools functionality and content do not change.

For additional information, questions or assistance, contact the UCO Service Desk at 405.974.2255 or

Learn@UCO Rubric Resources

The Rubric tool available in Learn@UCO (D2L) makes it easy to assess student achievement in Dropbox Folders, Discussion Topics, Quizzes, Surveys and Learning Objectives. This article provides resources and an overview of terminology for instructors on using the Rubrics tool.


Mathematica, "the world's definitive system for modern technical computing" is available for students, faculty and staff. This article will describe the process for downloading the Wolfram Mathematica software onto both UCO owned and personal machines.

Participate in an Online Discussion Board: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of participating in an online discussion the Learn@UCO discussion board for a specific course.

Pin and Unpin Courses in the My Courses Widget: Learn@UCO (D2L)

This article covers the options for pinning and unpinning courses to the Learn@UCO (D2L) My Courses widget. These options apply to both instructors and students and the screenshots are for the updated Daylight experience.

Quiz Question Creation in Learn@UCO

This guide provides basic instructions for creating a quiz question using the new Quiz Creation Experience in Learn@UCO. It is assumed that individual’s using this guide will have prior experience creating a quiz within the Learn@UCO system.

Respondus Resources and Support

This article provides online resources and support for the suite of Respondus tools including Respondus 4.0, the LockDown browser, and Respondus Monitor.

Set Course Image Banner: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors through the process of using the course image (which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage) as the banner on the Course Home screen.

Set Up Notifications: Learn@UCO

Notifications allow you to get emails and/or text message reminders or updates about activity within your Learn@UCO courses. This guide provides instructions for setting up your notifications within Learn@UCO (D2L).

SMARTBoard Resources and Support

This article provides resources for the use of a SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard

SMARTBoard Tutorials and Guides

This article provides resources for the use of a SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard.

SoftChalk 6 User Guide and Videos

You can add many activities and quizzes that promote active learning. You create your lessons using SoftChalk, which is a desktop application that runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers. Your students can view your lesson using any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Submit an Assignment to the Dropbox: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of submitting an assignment to the Learn@UCO Dropbox for a specific course.

Updating the License for SAS Analytics

Instructions for updating the SAS license on personal computers

View Dropbox Feedback: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of viewing the feedback from their instructor on an assignment submitted and assessed in a Learn@UCO Dropbox.